Common (+1 Rarity Value)
60% Chance

Location Descriptor

  • Empty, Chilling, Clammy, cramped, Rotten, Rusty, Deserted, Gloomy, Dark, Bright, Hot, slippery, slimy, sandy, cold, damp, Fancy, Remote, Regal, Small, big, charming, quiet, Dirty, traditional, sunny, Disgusting, Stinking, Draining


  • Dungeon, Courtyard, Forest, basement, Room, Field, Meadows, Dark closet, General Store, Swamp, Vast Desert, Goblin Valley, Sewer Tunnel, Ruined City, Watch Tower, Cave, Empty Stairwell, Mountain cave, Goblin encampment, Town Market, Wooded Grove, Coastal Clearing


  • Goblin, Troll, Wolf, Wizard, Spider, Zombie, City Guard, Cave slime, Thug, Troll Runt, Dwarf, Mugger, Grizzly Bear, Giant Spider, Wild Dog, Wraith, Minotaur, Ghoul, Mudskipper, Giant Scorpion, Giant Rat, Sphinx, Vampire, Basilisks, Orc
Rare (+5 Rarity Value)
30% Chance

Location Descriptor

  • Filthy, Frozen, Decaying, Neglected, Weathered and tough, Magical, Spongy and wet, Large and bright, creepy, Ancient, Mystical, strange and mysterious, Ineffable, Radiant


  • Tower, Abandoned Village, Iron woods, Elven Forest, Dark Plains, High Castle, Wizard Tower, Abandoned Castle, Toll Bridge, Magical Island, Lighthouse, Blacksmiths house, Volcano Tube, Wistful Wild, giant’s Kitchen, Badland highway


  • Hobgoblin, Seething Devil, Hellhound, Cyclops, Ice Dragon, Fire Dragon, Skeleton Dragon, Werewolf, Great Demon, Mummy, Abyssal Demon, ice Prince, Scarab Swarm, High Priest, Gargoyle, Night Shifter, High Elf, Night Elf
Legendary (+15 Rarity Value)
10% Chance

Location Descriptor

  • Dilapidated, Petrifying, Shadowy and Silent, Twisted, Repulsive, Misty and Murky, glowing enchanted


  • Hidden Temple, Giant Castle, Enchanted Dungeon, Gold Bank, Bustling Barracks, Mighty Citadel, Sacred Sanctuary, Fungal Forrest, Place Between Time, Astral Plane, Pocket Dimension, Ghost Ship


  • Yeti, Lich King, Kraken, Dark Wyvern, Revenant Beast, Shadow Lord, Onyx Warlord, Zombie Lord, Scarab Queen, Wyvern of Undying

Creature Modifiers (+15 Rarity Value)
10% Chance per Creature


  • Supreme, Exalted, Enraged, Diseased, Gigantic, Firey, Ancient, Cursed, Flying, Invisible, Engulfed, Frost
Number of Creatures

One Creature

  • ???% Chance

Two Creatures

  • 50% Chance

Three Creatures

  • 30% Chance

Four Creatures

  • 15% Chance

Five Creatures

  • 5% Chance
Rarity Levels


  • Rarity Value < 25


  • Rarity Value > 25


  • Rarity Value > 35


  • Rarity Value > 55


  • Rarity Value > ???